PAWA Events

05/09/2013: PAWA, Manilatown Heritage Foundation, and the Filbookfest 2013 Present the San Francisco Book Lanuch of Marivi Soliven’s The Mango Bride. I-Hotel Manilatown Center (SF).

04/13/2013: PAWA and Arkipelago Books Presents R. Zamora Linmark at the Bayanihan Community Center (SF).

11/28/2012: PAWA Presents Lysley Tenorio, Monstress, moderated by Rashaan Alexis Meneses at the Philippine Consulate

10/27/2012: PAWA Celebrates Filipino American History Month at the Union City Public Library. (Photos)

10/26/2012: PAWA Presents Gina Apostol’s Gun Dealers’ Daughter at thePhilippine Consulate. (Photos)

10/21 – 12/16/2012: Political Content & Engagement FREE Writing Workshop

10/13/2012: PAWA and Irma’s Present for Litcrawl SF

09/29/2012: PAWA Night at Luis Francia’s The Strange Case of Citizen de laCruz (Bindlestiff Studio)

09/23/2012: PAWA Presents Birds of a Feather (Bird & Beckett Books, SF)

09/16/2012: PAWA and OACC Present Midnight Peaches, Two O’Clock Patience

07/02/2012: M. Evelina Galang at Bindlestiff Studio (SF)

04/01/2012: PAWA and OACC Present Pinay Lives and Voices, an all Pinay Lit event featuring Rina Ayuyang, Evangeline Canonizado Buell, Camille Robles, and others TBA. 3 pm at Oakland Asian Cultural Center (OACC), 388 Ninth Street Suite 290, Oakland. (Video) (Photos)

10/23/2011: Hip Hop Theater Workshop with Kilusan Bautista 1-4 pm @ Bindlestiff Studio, 185 Sixth Street, SF.

08/07/2011: Tina Bartolome, Bonne Marie Bautista, G. Justin Hulog, Cheena Marie Lo, and Michael Luis Medrano. 1 pm @ Bird & Beckett Books, 653 Chenery Drive (between Diamond and Castro in Glen Park), SF.

07/30/2011: PAWA Workshop with Barbara Jane Reyes: How to Submit Your Work for Publication. Starting 10 am @ Bayanihan Community Center (Mission @ 6th Street), SF.

07/28/2011: PAWA Book Launch of Remembering Rizal, Voices from the Diaspora. 6 pm @ the Philippine Consulate, 447 Sutter Street, SF.

07/14/2011: PAWA Remembering Rizal Book Launch. 5 pm @ Instituto Cervantes, Chicago.

05/12/2011: PAWA, Kearny Street Workshop, and Oakland Asian Cultural Center present APIA Heritage Month Literary Night, featuring Jason Bayani, Vanessa Huang, Robert Ricardo Reese, and Margaret Rhee. 7 pm @ Oakland Asian Cultural Center, 388 – 9th Street Suite 290, Oakland.

04/28/2011: PAWA and Manilatown Heritage Foundation presents a West Coast Book Launch and Party for R. Zamora Linmark’s new novel, Leche. 7 pm @ Manilatown Heritage Center, 868 Kearny Street, SF. (Video)

02/26/2011: PACE SFSU/PAWA Literary Symposium. Writing workshops with Allan Manalo, Randall Mann, Oscar Peñaranda, Barbara Jane Reyes, Tony Robles, Anthem Salgado, Janet Mendoza Stickmon. 9 am @ SFSU.

02/19/2011: Jennifer Cendeña Armas, Oscar Bermeo, Cecilia Gaerlan, Isabelle Thuy Pelaud. 5 pm @ the Bayanihan Community Center (Mission @ 6th Street), SF. (Video) (Photos)

01/29/2011: PAWA @ Eth-Noh-Tec, Salon! You’re On! Nicole Maxali, Barbara Jane Reyes, Jenifer K. Wofford, Vintage Winds. 7 pm @ Eth-Noh-Tec Studio, 977 South Van Ness (between 20th and 21st Streets), SF.

12/04/2010: Lourdes Figueroa, Karen Llagas, Trisha Jetson, Joel B. Tan, and Michelle Wallace, with musical performance by Florante Aguilar. 6 pm @ the Bayanihan Community Center (Mission @ 6th Street), SF.

11/08/2010: PAWA/Maganda Magazine Reading and Discussion, with David Maduli, Sean Labrador y Manzano, Maiana Minahal, and Adrien Salazar. 6:30 pm @ 106 Wheeler Hall, UC Berkeley.

11/06/2010: Book Launch for Angelica’s Daughters, featuring Cecilia Brainard and Veronica Montes, with Cyndi Vasallo and Yael Villafranca. 5:30 pm @ the Bayanihan Community Center (Mission @ 6th Street), SF.

09/10/2010: Bay Area Book Launch for Luis Francia’s History of the Philippines, From Indios Bravos to Filipinos, moderated by Benjamin Pimentel. 6:30 pm @ the Bayanihan Community Center (Mission @ 6th Street), SF.

07/16/2010: Walang Hiya Anthology Book Launch with contributing writers Joan Iva Cube, David Maduli, Edene Matutina, Kristen Sajonas, Aimee Suzara. 7 pm @ the Bayanihan Community Center (Mission @ 6th Street), SF.

06/05/2010: Nara Denning, Aileen Ibardaloza, Allan Manalo, Ron Quesada, and Sean San Jose. 7 pm @ Eth-Noh-Tec, 977 South Van Ness (between 20th and 21st Streets), SF.

05/09/2010: Kanta Filipina: Performance by Theresa Calpotura, compositions by Bayani Mendoza de Leon, poetry by Bayani Mendoza de Leon and Rhodora Peñaranda. 2 pm @ the Bayanihan Community Center (Mission @ 6th Street), SF.

03/29/2010: Gina Apostol, Arlene Biala, Vangie Buell, and Niki Escobar. 6:30 pm @ the Bayanihan Community Center (Mission @ 6th Street), SF.

02/21/2010: Duende Within: Flamenco Inspired Poetry featuring Sandy Mcintosh, Eileen Tabios, Edwin Agustín Lozada, and guest performers Roberto Campos, Alicia, and Michelle Bautista. 2 pm @ the Bayanihan Community Center (Mission @ 6th Street), SF.

02/20/2010: Enlaces (Connections That Bind Us) El Mantón de Manila featuring María de la Rosa & Rudy Figueroa, Parangal Dance Company, Theresa Calpotura, Asociación Cultural Kanchis, De Rompe y Raja, Javier Trujillo, Virginia Iglesias, Jorge Liceaga, Edwin Lozada, Paul Flores, and an Exhibition of Mantones de Manila. 8 pm @ La Peña Cultural Center, Berkeley.

01/16/2010: Growing Up Filipino II book launch with Rashaan Alexis Meneses, Veronica Montes, Tony Robles, and Marianne Villanueva. 2 pm @ the Bayanihan Community Center (Mission @ 6th Street), SF. (Video) (Photos)

12/06/2009: PAWA and Achiote Press Emerging Writers Panel. 2 pm @ SFPL. Panelists include Oscar Bermeo, Vanessa Huang, Claire Light, Rashaan Alexis Meneses, Craig Santos Perez, and Vickie Vertiz.

11/14/2009: PAWA, Arkipelago, and Kularts presents Merlinda Bobis. 3 pm @ the Bayanihan Community Center.

11/07/2009: Justin Chin, Sarah Gambito, Marianne Villanueva, and musical guests Myrna delRío and Bo Razon. 2 pm @ the Bayanihan Community Center. (Video)

10/17/2009: PAWA Arkipelago at Litquake! 8:30 pm @ Fabric8 Gallery, 3318 22nd. PAWA & Arkipelago Bookstore Present: Of History & Myths — Writings from Philippine-American Authors. Emcee and curator Karen Llagas. Readers: Luis Francia, Aimee Suzara, Rona Fernandez, Jenesha “Jinky” de Rivera, Eileen Tabios, Benito M. Vergara, Jr.

10/17/2009: Writing Workshop with Luis Francia. 10 am @ the Bayanihan Community Center (register). Reading with Neela Banerjee, Luis Francia, Alejandro Murguía, and Jean Vengua. Musical guests Bo Razon and Carlos Zialcita. 2 pm @ the Bayanihan Community Center. (Video) (Photos)

09/19/2009: Oliver de la Paz, Joseph O. Legaspi, Mari L’Esperance, and Theresa Calpotura (guitar). 2 pm @ the Bayanihan Community Center. (Video) (Photos)

08/23/2009: Penélope V. Flores, Joaquin (Jay) Gonzalez, Kevin Nadal, and Benito M. Vergara, Jr. 2 pm @ the Bayanihan Community Center (Mission @ 6th), SF.

07/11/2009: Randall Mann, Kristin Naca, Debbie Yee, and Mariano Zaro. 2 pm @ SFPL. (Video) (Photos)

03/12/2009: Field of Mirrors reading with Evangeline Canonizado Buell, Edwin A. Lozada, Oscar Peñaranda, Benjamin Pimentel, Barbara Jane Reyes, Tony Robles, Anthem Salgado, and Janet Stickmon. 6 pm @ the Ethnic Studies Library, 30 Stephens Hall, UC Berkeley.

12/06/2008: Writing Workshop with Luisa Igloria and Karen Llagas. 10 am @ SFPL. Reading with Joi Barrios, Luisa Igloria, Karen Llagas, and Barbara Jane Reyes. 2 pm @ SFPL.

10/11/2008: Field of Mirrors at Litquake. Reading with Edwin Lozada, Karen Llagas, Francisco Penones, Barbara Jane Reyes, Tony Robles, Gayle Romasanta, Marianne Villanueva. 8:30 pm @ Ritual Roasters, 1026 Valencia Street, SF.

05/31/2008: Field of Mirrors reading with Tess Crescini, Korina M. Jocson, Edwin A. Lozada, Cora Monce, Oscar Peñaranda, Barbara Jane Reyes, Al Robles, Anthem Salgado, Janet C. Mendoza Stickmon, Elsa Valmidiano. 3:30 pm @ Eastwind Books of Berkeley, 2066 University Avenue, Berkeley. (Photos)

05/24/2008: Field of Mirrors reading with Tony Robles, Annabelle Udo, Jean Vengua, Cora Monce, Karen Llagas, Korina Jocson, Elsa Valmidiano, Edwin Lozada, Cristina Querrer, Tess Crescini, Vanessa Kenyon, Evangeline C. Buell. 2 pm @ SFPL.

05/10/2008: Field of Mirrors reading with Oscar Peñaranda, Marianne Villanueva, Edwin Lozada, Evangeline C. Buell, Gayle Romasanta, Jennifer Almiron, Vanessa Kenyon, Penélope V. Flores. 2 pm @ Redwood City Public Library.


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