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Tandaan. Kalayaan. Alagaan. Animated Video #1: Sunken Garden

Via Geekmatic:

09.21.2012 – Today is the anniversary of the Philippine Martial Law and in some ways we try to remember what really happened during those times of hardship and what we have learned from it so the next generation would learn from the past mistakes our country has endured.

Arnold Arre is a fantasy artist known for his graphic novels like Mythology Class, After Eden, Ang Mundo ni Andong Agimat (The World of Andong’s Amulet), and Martial Law Babies.

His recent work on re-imagining Darna collaboration with Gerry Alanguilan for the modern times was the most anticipated that we haven’t heard any news recently.

Arnold delved into short films and now animation which caught his attention in making an animated video for the Philippine National anthem for the Independence Day last June 12,2012.

This time he collaborates with Dang Badoy of Rock Ed Philippines to remind the future generation about Martial Law in this short animation…

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