Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions: Backbone Press Seeks Poetry by Ethnic Writers

From the Backbone Press website:

back•bone [bak-bohn] noun

1. Anatomy. the spinal column; spine.
2. strength of character; resolution.
3. something resembling a backbone in appearance, position, or function.
4. Bookbinding. a back or bound edge of a book; spine.

back•bone press [bak-bohn pres] noun

1. A small press with a big vision.
2. A venue for ethnic poets; African-American.
3. An interest too, in poetry by Latino/a, Asian, and other Ethnicities.
4. Seeker of poetry. political, invocative, social, gritty, also the personal and poignant.

We welcome submissions from emerging and established writers.

Online Submission Deadline: November 30, 2012

Backbone Poetry Journal seeks submissions of poetry (any style, any length) written by ethnic writers. We are a new but, gutsy press and our goal is to provide a publishing venue for underrepresented authors whose work my not otherwise receive recognition. We are also a progressive press, interested in political, gritty, and invocative poetry.

Please see our website for our guidelines:


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