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Interview: A Conversation on Transnational Identity and the Subtleties of Being Seen


By Michelle Dizon and Gina Osterloh

LA-based artists Michelle Dizon and Gina Osterloh have had concurrent residencies and exhibitions this summer at 18th Street Arts Center and Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE). In both spaces the artists were invited to develop work on-site over an extended period of time while making their processes available to the public – giving them a unique opportunity to consider their ways of working and intentions for their art practices. Both artists are also, coincidentally, first-generation Americans with families from the Philippines, a background that informs both of their work in nuanced and potent ways. Pilar Tompkins Rivas and Sara Schnadt recently spent the day with both artists, visiting Michelle’s project at 18th Street Arts Center, and Gina’s project at LACE, to facilitate a discussion at each site about the artists’ work and thinking. This conversation is the result.

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