Community Events

09/16/2012: PAWA and OACC Present Midnight Peaches, Two O’Clock Patience

All of you are formally invited to the book launch party

Sun. Sept. 16, 2012
@ Oakland Asian Cultural Center
(parking below in Pacific Renaissance Plaza)

All donors will receive their book at the book launch party.

Event is sponsored by Philippine American Writers and Artists and the Oakland Asian Cultural Center.

The host for the afternoon will be Cesar Cruz (community organizer, educator and director of Homies Empowerment).

The event will feature collaborative performances between Janet Stickmon and Mazdak Khamda (pianist and composer), Tricia Ong (dancer), Daria Nile (jazz singer), and Angela Efe (visual artist).

Each of these wonderful artists have created original pieces of work based on selections from Stickmon’s forthcoming book. The performances you will see that afternoon will be a celebration of the dialogue between the written word and music, dance, and visual art.

Sales and signing will follow.

Don’t miss this extraordinary event!!!! Event is FREE. Wheelchair accessible.


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