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08/30/2012: Lysley Tenorio at SFPL

From the SFPL website:

Lysley Tenorio will talk about his short story collection Monstress, the On the Same Page selection for July/August.

Monstress introduces a bold new San Francisco writer who explores the clash and meld of disparate cultures. In the National Magazine Award-nominated title story, a has-been movie director and his reluctant leading lady travel from Manila to Hollywood for one last chance at stardom, unaware of what they truly stand to lose. In “Felix Starro,” a famous Filipino faith healer and his grandson conduct an illicit business in San Francisco, though each has his own plans for their earnings. And after the Beatles reject an invitation from Imelda Marcos for a Royal Command Performance, an aging bachelor attempts to defend her honor by recruiting his three nephews to attack the group at the Manila International Airport in “Help.” Lysley Tenorio reveals the lives of people on the outside looking in with rare skill, humor, and deep understanding, in stories exploring the fantastical and the realistic, the familiar and the strange.

When: Thu, 8/30/2012, 6:30 – 8:00

Where: Latino/Hispanic Meeting Room A & B Main Library 100 Larkin St.


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