Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions: Savor the Word. Swallow the World. A Literary Feast by Filipino Writers

From their blog:

“We’re working on an anthology of literary writing on food called Savor the Word, Swallow the World: A Literary Feast by Filipino Writers. We would like to highlight Filipino writers who, like us, are slogging away at the craft, probably turning to some good home cooking to nurse ourselves through the grueling process. We’ve also been inspired by a colleague’s recent collection of noir writing by South Asians and thought, hey, it’s been awhile since a collection of Filipino writing has been published and what better subject than food. Filipinos, correct us if we’re wrong, have a borderline fanatical relationship with food and Filipino writers can wax lyrical about all things food-related. With so much to say about an enduring—and at times controversial—subject, why don’t we write about it?”

Deadline is December 15, 2012.

Submission guidelines are here.


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