Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions: Generations Literary Journal

Generations Literary Journal is now accepting submissions for the fourth issue. The thematic focus for issue four is “Rites of Passage”. Please read further for a detailed description of the theme. We accept short fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and art. Please visit for our specific guidelines.

Deadline May 15, 2012

In issue four, we hope to explore the many ways in which a rite
 of passage shows up in modern society, and how it brings with it, a story from the past. The celebration of milestones, movement, and progress will be the focus of this edition. Whether it’s a ritual based on coming of age, or a ceremonial event, we want to discuss and discover. We want to know how you keep tradition, or how you disrupt and redefine it.

Send us your poems, stories, and art selections that dig deep into the rituals, the ceremonies, the traditions, and the moments that demonstrate or define your culture, your family, and your generation. Send us ideas and images that break tradition, go against rituals, and redefine your generation. We want it all!

We want work that uses language in fresh ways and images that speak to the importance of forward movement and the passage
of time. Yes! Think of learning to ride a bike, getting your driver’s license, graduations, baptisms, weddings, fraternities, sororities, 
Bat Mitzvahs, Quinceañeras, Sweet Sixteens, becoming a parent,
 a grandparent, turning 21, 40, 65, 100. Think of pilgrimages, spirit walks, vision quests, births, funerals, firsts, lasts, and all the living that happens in between. These are the stories that we want to hear.

To submit your work, visit our submission manager at

We only accept work submitted via our online submission manager. Please do not send mailed submissions.


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