02/01 – 02/23/2012: STANDUP STIFFIES “Tight Five” COMEDY WORKSHOP (Bindlestiff, SF)

Course Length: 7 classes – 2 to 3 hours each (16 hours total) & Grad Show!
Location: Bindlestiff Studio
Instructor: Comic – Allan Manalo
Cost: $160 [Early Bird Special $99]

Wed. Feb 1 from 7p – 9p (2 hrs)
Fri. Feb. 3 from 7p – 9p (2 hrs)
Thurs. Feb. 9 from 7p – 9p (2 hrs)
Fri. Feb. 10 from 7p – 9p (2 hrs)
Sat. Feb. 11 from 12p – 3p (3 hrs) Optional
Wed. Feb. 15 from 7 – 9p (2 hrs)
Sat. Feb. 18 from 12p – 3p (3 hrs)
Wed. Feb. 22 at 7pm Wordy Word Open Mic
Thurs. Feb. 23 at 8pm Graduation Show!

So you heard the magic words from friends and relatives – “You’re so funny.. YOU SHOULD BE A COMEDIAN!” Now you think you’re the next Dave Chappelle, Louis CK, or Margaret Cho? Then this class is NOT for you…. But, if you’re a true masochist and don’t mind feeling inches tall as drunk patrons heckle your every word, then welcome to the true world of standup comedy. This class will teach you the basics of standup comedy and will prepare you for a 3 to 5 minute set you will perform in a live graduation show at Bindlestiff Studio

This 16-HOUR workshop will cover the basics in classic standup comedy including:
– Comfort on Stage
– Microphone Technique
– How to Find Material
– How to Write a Joke: Setting up + Punchlines
– Comic Timing
– Stage Persona, Characterization and Point-Of-View
– Various Standup Styles (video and audio examples of today’s hottest comics)
– The “Tight Five”
– Open Mics
– Crowd Control: Reading an audience and handling hecklers
– The Comedy Ladder
– Other Gigs: Comedy Writer’s Life

The class will culminate in a special STANDUP STIFFIES [GRADUATION] COMEDY SHOW for grads of this class. The show will be in front of a live audience at Bindlestiff Studio

Allan S. Manalo began his standup comedy career in San Francisco when the Internet was were you placed your raw chicken bait when crabbing. He has performed at various comedy clubs and college campuses through out 46-States, 2 continents, and 23 steak houses. He has a college degree in Theatre Arts, a B.S. in BS and has taught standup comedy in 2 countries.


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