Call for Submissions

Call for submissions: Paper Monster Press’s One World/One Love issue

Samarkand. Istanbul. Cairo. Singapore. The great cities of the world hold allure for most of us simply because they are “other”. They are exotic. They are not familiar. And doesn’t danger hold a fascination akin to staring at the markings on the back of a poisonous but extremely beautiful snake? The unknown has always filled us with longing. So the saying “the grass is always greener on the other side”?

This issue of Paper Monster explores the desire to travel, and see the world through different eyes. What does it mean to be from Africa? How does it feel to live in the desert? What meaning does art have for people in Trinidad and Tobago? And what do we discover but that we are all different and we are all the same. Brothers underneath our skin. But we’ve got to honor the differences or what’s the same wouldn’t count.

This issue then, we ask for works that are driven or inspired by travel/ the world/ the universe/ love. (After all, it is a February issue). Again this is a loose definition of what we mean by one world/ one love. So many issues like community fair trade/ the abolishment of slavery/ free speech, all of these are important to us, and we’d like to find it in the pages of our next issue. So again, we play it by ear. And having set the bar, for all the other issues so far. We set the bar once again, for this, our last music issue. We strip-hopped, then we dream-popped, then we queer-punked. Now its time to spread the love. So it’s one world, one love.


  1. All works must be submitted to
  2. Each contributor may submit 3 works ONLY from each category. That means you may submit 3 literary works, 3 artworks, and 3 musical pieces, but no more than that.
  3. Submit literary works (poetry, fiction, essay) in English/ Filipino. No more than 500 words per piece.
  4. Submit artworks in JPEG or PDF format. We accept both black and white works only.
  5. Submit sounds in MP3 or WAV format. Add a short description of each track in two to three sentences.
  6. PMP religiously follows the process of selecting and editing. We stand by our editor’s decisions.
  7. For updates, just check the Paper Monster Press Facebook page



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