Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions: Anthology on the Querida

Edited by Caroline S. Hau and Katrina P. Tuvera

Querida/kerida/kirida (feminine form derived from Spanish; literally, “loved one”): mistress, kabit, Number 2, kalaguyo, other woman, girl friend, lover, live-in, inamorata, doxy, concubine, kaliwa, swe-i,… kept woman, back-street, kulasisi, babayeng agalon. Variants: boylet, querido, boy-toy, take-home, lalaki, kulukadidang, loverboy, boy friend. We welcome short stories, poems, and (screen)plays in English and Filipino on the querida as figure and Philippine institution, works that explore the multiple viewpoints as well as vicissitudes—the pleasures and lacerations, the quotidian and eventful—of what Lina Espina Moore calls “illicit, illegal loves.”

Deadline: January 31, 2012. Send your contributions to:


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