Call for Submissions

Call for Bloggers: Art of Hustle

ART OF HUSTLE (dot com) is seeking contributors for the following writing types:

  1. TIPS. In other words “how to”.
  2. STORIES OF SUCCESS. Narratives or interviews about learning moments, instances of career advancement, or skill development.

Topics for either may range and cover any of the following:

  • Money (making or management)
  • Productivity/Performance tips and best practices
  • Team work
  • Communications (either interpersonal or marketing)
  • Technology (apps, useful websites, tools, etc.)
  • Team, Project, or Time management
  • Professional development (e.g. reporting on trainings, books, lectures)
  • Other: Any similar topics
  • (Please browse to read the archives and get a feel for the readership, the topics covered, and the general tone of the articles.)

ABOUT ART OF HUSTLE: This site is for artists and entrepreneurs to learn marketing and management tips & information. Through trainings and consulting, ART OF HUSTLE equips independent artists, creative entrepreneurs, small businesses and non-profit organizations with new perspectives and valuable tools, cultivating fresh leadership in our communities. We believe in the great value of mastering narrative, personally and moreover professionally, to better serve the goals of any individual and company.

Click here for more information.


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