Community Events

11/04/2011: All of the Above, Art Exhibit in Oakland

Join us Friday November 4th to view the work of eight contemporary Filipino-American Bay Area artists. The show will include performance, painting, book art, video, sculpture, and installation.

At the Hologram 6-9pm. 2633 Telegraph Ave., Oakland, CA (27th and Telegraph)

The artists on display:

Lexygius Calip
Paolo Mejia
Marcius Noceda
Lydia Ortiz
Carlo Ricafort
Elizabeth de Leon Travelslight
Mel Vera Cruz
Pamela Ybañez

About the exhibit:

“All of the Above” is challenging the assumption of identity in America while expanding the concept what it means to be “Filipino.” This exhibit champions the idea that our nationalism is more of an extension of a global nation where no one need fit neatly into one checked off box, but be comfortable with all the loose pieces that do in fact fit together. It is an exhibition of dreams and reality, limitations and expansions, traditions and contemporary life.


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