Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions: Left Hand Waving (Occupy Poetry)

The editors of  LEFT HAND WAVING are happy to announce a radical change in our submission guidelines. From now until further notice, we will be accepting poems and creative nonfiction dealing with the hard times, economic and political, that many in the United States and elsewhere are enduring. We see this as our small contribution to the spirit of the Occupy Wall Street movement. We call it Occupy Poetry (and Other Writing).

Submissions must be made through the portal to Submishmash.  See SUBMIT link [below].  Any other manner or format will be discarded.

Poems should be no more than 20 lines and creative nonfiction no more than 500 words. We hope to be surprised by your writing. We place a premium on freshness of language and perspective. We have no interest in the pedantic, dogmatic, or sophomoric.

Submissions open Nov. 1, 2011, and continue through Dec. 1.  We look forward to reading your work. Really.

To submit, follow this link.

In the meantime, we have dozens of stories from the older Left Hand Waving archived here.  Read a few or read ’em all.

Dale, Howie, and John

The editors


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