Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions: Main Street Rag Short Fiction Anthology

Main Street Rag Short Fiction Anthology is currently seeking submissions for two themed anthologies on “The List” and “Just Tattoos.” The descriptions are below. The new deadline is November 15, 2011. Full guidelines can be found at

Current Themes:

(1) The List. From Homer’s catalogue of ships to your shopping list, from Whitman’s catalogues of Americana to your to-do lists, from top-ten lists to inventories, from highbrow to low brow, lists permeate our literature and our daily lives. We’relooking for stories with lists in them—any kind of list, serving any purpose.We want fiction that explores how lists can help to structure or lend meaning to a story. We want to see work that examines what our habit of list-making reveals about our lives. Send us your fiction with odd, funny, heartbreaking, mundane, or mind-blowing lists.

(2) Just Tattoos. How do tattoos haunt, hurt or give meaning to the character’s story? Who wears or inks these tattoos? What defines the human body and art? Tattoos are an ancient practice going backto the ancients. Throughout history tattoos let others know the wearer’s totem, family, skill set or class. Not just for sailors or the young, people of all ages get tattoos because they want to belong to a group, they want a symbol on their body that personifies them, they want to heal after abuse, they reach a milestone or the tattoo is for cosmetic reasons.


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