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Huffington Post: Celebrating Filipino American Literature, Poetry & Art in NYC

From Huffington Post:

Celebrating Filipino American Literature, Poetry & Art in NYC
by Feliz L. Molina

In Queens, NY, from Sept. 21 to Oct. 29 there will be a Fil Am gathering of writers, artists, and scholars hosted by Queens Poet Lore Paolo Javier and Bliss on Bliss Art Projects visual artist/printmaker Ged Merino. I interviewed Paolo Javier about the event and people involved in the month long program.

What’s the Fil Am literary & art community in NYC like?

Rich, varied, and sophisticated, which, one might argue, is expected of community based in a cultural center such as NYC, but that I, myself, would never take for granted. To be sure, the Fil Am community here features its own cliques, but these are bound by a pretty wide spectrum of interests, including the visual arts, film, theater, fiction, poetry.

Out of the five boroughs, however, Queens has long served as a vital home for Fil Am artists, particularly writers and filmmakers. Ninotchka Rosca lives here, as does film producer/activist Ramon Mappala, and Guggenheim recipient and indie filmmaker Lavrente Diaz, to name a few figures in the community. And Queens, for as long as I’ve visited (since the mid-80s) and lived in it (since ’99), has provided a safe haven for an active LGBT Filipino/a arts scene, contrary to what the NYTimes will irresponsibly have you believe about the borough and its immigrants.

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