Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions: Poetry for the Masses (accepts work year round)

From Poets & Writers:

  • Genres Published: Poetry
  • Themes/Styles: poetry
  • Reading Period: January 1 – December 31
  • Formats: Web

Poetry for the Masses is a public art project started in 2005 to bring poetry out of academia and back to the mainstream. After a three year hiatus, PFTM has resumed publishing online quarterly issues. Every issue features five to six poems from new and established poets. The broadside format is also available to readers so they may print them and placed in public areas where poetry is not usually found in an effort to reach out to those who would normally not read, or even think deeply about, poetry.

We look for poetry that is not only high quality, but also accessible to the public at large. We publish a wide variety of poetry styles, but we tend not to publish end-rhymed poetry, inspirational verse or long poems. Submissions are read year round. Please send submissions of three to five poems (we prefer poetry under 40 lines) of your best work.


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