Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions: PostPoetry

PostPoetry is open to a wide range of forms and styles: We are always looking for texts (epic poetry, diary extracts, comments, essays, thought experiments, experimental and absurd texts) which offer a new approach to the political and social landscape of the previous century and of the present. (Please read the submission guidelines, (see ->submissions) before sending texts and/or pictures).

PostPoetry wants texts and artwork that needles, seethes, discomfits, reconfigures.

We want work that can be so difficult to place — long-short stories, novellas, excerpts from novels, journalism, epic poems, essays, work that sprawls. All genres are welcome: domestic realism, “literary” fiction, historical poetry and prose. Please don´t sent anything boring: Nothing written like a checklist — nothing written to satisfy the imagined capacities and desires of an audience.

PostPoetry is looking for ambitious and challenging creative texts and pictures, which fit the concept ofPostPoetry (meaning that they make a contribution to political or social backgrounds – No love poems! No political propaganda! No indoctrination or texts about animals or flowers!)

The PostPoetry Magazine is a platform for people who constructively grapple with the political and social developments in the present and history of this world.

More info here.



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