Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions: SunDryed Affairs

SunDryed Affairs is currently open for submissions.

From their website:

SunDryed Affairs is a new online collective of ideas, primarily by writers of color. We publish accessible nonfiction prose* of all genres, sub-genres, and non-genres, including, but not limited to: essay, memoir, satire, list, reviews, personal narrative, instructional manual, reportage, and letter. Subject matter is also open to the imagination.

There are no further guidelines for submitted work other than high-quality writing. Please direct all inquiries to, and submissions to

Kyla Marshell,, and
Anthony Dean-Harris,

In your email, please include a) a brief bio and b) how you learned of SunDryed Affairs. Accepted work will be edited for grammatical correctness only.

*SunDryed Affairs does NOT publish fiction, poetry, drama, scholarship, or children’s writing.


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