Call for Submissions

Calls for Submissions: Poems to Build a Bridge Across Our Fears: 4 Ways to Mark This Fall’s Anniversaries

From Split this Rock:

Dear Friend,

This fall it will be 10 years since the murderous attacks of September 11, 2001. We’ll have a chance to remember that awful day and to mourn the loss of so many lives.

And then, we can take stock of our country’s response and ask ourselves: Did we respond to the attacks in the most productive way? Did our response set us on the road to a healthier, safer, more just planet?

Here at Split This Rock, we believe the answer to be self-evident: No. We’re waging four (or is it five?) wars, draining the national treasury, cutting essential programs, and succumbing to a climate of fear and mistrust. Every aspect of our response seems deeply, disastrously wrong-headed.

Now, more than ever, we need the poets and other artists to imagine alternatives, to give voice to our deepest hopes and wildest dreams. We need you.

Split This Rock is issuing an Open Call for poems to help us mark this fall’s anniversaries: to mourn, to rage, to imagine, to speak out for a new future. We’ll choose our favorite poems for Poem of the Week and post some to 10 Years + Counting (see below), inviting peace and social justice groups nationwide to read the poems at their events and to use them in their organizing. This call is open to all, whether or not you have attended a Split This Rock festival or have been previously featured. Please see details here.


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