Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions: TAYO Literary Magazine | Issue 3

TAYO Literary Magazine | Issue 3 
For our culture, by our culture. 


All are welcomed to submit, regardless of ethnicity and age.

Annual Issue 2011–2012
Calling for submissions for our 3rd annual print magazine. Deadline is August 26th, 2011.

  • All materials submitted are considered for both our online and print magazines.
  • By submitting you are allowing TAYO Literary Magazine to reproduce your work.
  • Not all submissions may be featured in our print / online mediums.

The same rules apply to our online edition.

We are interested in work that touches on themes including—but not limited to—the Filipino and Filipino-American experience, identity, memory, family, culture, history, trauma, and dislocation

* Remember: For our submission process, please keep the cover page as a separate page from your literary work.

Submission Policy
TAYO Literary Magazine does not charge a fee for submitting. As such, we cannot afford to pay a monetary sum to any of our contributors at this time.

Your submissions go a long way in supporting the arts in the Asian American community, especially through inspiring younger artists, helping them to find their audience, to find their voice.


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