Sustainable Arts Foundation: VSC Residency for Artists and Writers with Families


Application deadline October 3, 2011

$6,000 grant will fund a Fellowship and stipend for an artist or writer with a young family in 2012.

[JOHNSON, VT] — The Sustainable Arts Foundation has funded a new fellowship at the Vermont Studio Center for artists and writers who are raising young children.  The new SAF/VSC Fellowship is part of VSC’s ongoing Inclusiveness Initiative, which seeks to make the experience of a VSC residency available to talented artists and writers across the country and around the world.

The SAF Fellowship includes a four-week residency at the Vermont Studio Center, plus a $2,000 stipend (available upon arrival at VSC) to cover lost income, child care, travel to and from VSC, or any other financial obstacle to taking time away from the family to pursue a VSC residency.  In addition to the standard VSC application process, interested applicants should submit a copy of a tax return (or other form of documentation) showing dependents under the age of 18.  All artists and writers with dependent children under 18 are encouraged to apply.

“We’re very pleased about this new Fellowship,” said Gary Clark, Director for Development and Writing Program at VSC, “we work to make the Studio Center accessible to artists and writers from all backgrounds and from all around the world … and yet one thing that often stands in the way of people being here, no matter who they are, is family responsibility.  The Sustainable Arts Foundation should be congratulated for the validation and encouragement this award provides.”

SAF Founders Caroline and Tony Grant added:  “We’re thrilled to work with the Vermont Studio Center to help provide a quiet place for writers and visual artists to delve into their creative work. We know that the community that develops during each VSC residency can provide lasting inspiration for writers and artists who so often work in isolation. We look forward to letting people briefly escape their family obligations to focus on their art.”

All eligible artists and writers may apply at the October 3, 2011 Fellowship deadline.  To learn more about the fellowship, or to download an application, please visit our website. For additional fellowship and application information, please contact David Grozinsky at 802-635-2727 or admissions@vermontstudiocenter.org.


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