Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions: The 22 Magazine, Vol. II: Sign & Symbol

The 22 Magazine, call for submissions, Vol. II: Sign & Symbol

From their website: “Wild, dark times are rumbling toward us, and the prophet who wishes to write a new apocalypse will have to invent entirely new beasts, and beasts so terrible that the ancient animal symbols of Saint John will seem like cooing doves and cupids in comparison.”~Heinreich Heine

Despite our previous intent, Volume II has slowly progressed into a theme that we could not ignore. For Vol II we ask our contributors to dig deep into their psyche and take hold of those great occurrences that trigger action, reaction or deep awe. Signs and symbols are often on the peripheral but when brought to light, when explored and examined they can elicit great change both on small and large scales. What makes up your triggers? What cues cause your reaction? What represents you or others? How do we manipulate these tools? And in the end, what do they all really mean?

The magazine’s mission is to publish art, music and writing as integrated structures that play off each other and enhance the whole. They are looking for intriguing art, poetry, fiction, non-fiction, video, music, animation and more. The restrictions are few and the work is chosen by the creators or a visiting guest editor.

Deadline: September 1st, 2011

For more information or issue themes visit

TO SUBMIT for the magazine, the blog or as a writer for the 22 send your work by link (or a sample of) to

About 22: 22 is an online magazine based out of Brooklyn, NY. The 22 features 22 contributors each issue.


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