Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions: blackmail press

blackmail press issue # 31 – Submissions open

Editor Vaughan Rapatahana

On Being Marginalised:

The French postmodernist writer, Michel Foucault, wrote about ‘The Other’ as opposed to ‘The Self’. The Other are those on the margins of society – women, racial and religious and sexual minorities, the disabled and so on. They are precluded from The Self – the male, white, middle-class, Christian, bureaucratic – who in fact define them as this other grouping and as somehow inferior because of this. They are excluded from power/knowledge. Deliberately so. (Knowledge, as Foucault also noted, is Power.) Another way of describing these two groupings is Centre and Periphery.

One who is marginalized is alienated, all-too-often replete with ennui, anomie, the sickness-unto-death, fear and trembling, nausea. You name it. eh. Send us your poems reflecting your marginalization.

Send to

Email Body text, MS Word, PDF and MP3’s & You Tube Video formats can only be accepted.

Deadline: 15th Sept 2011


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