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07/09/2011: Indie Cine Shack (Amnesia, SF)

From SF Weekly:

Indie Cine Shack
Sat., July 9, 6:00pm
853 Valencia (at 20th St.); San Francisco CA
Price: $5-$10

Only the Good Stuff
By Hiya Swanhuyser

Nouveau-silent film director Nara Denning is one of those unrecognized geniuses of S.F. Her work is confusingly high in quality — how could she come out of nowhere and yet be so good, not just in concept or aesthetic, but in tech, in craft, in detailed production? Anyway, her latest enterprise is programming a monthly local film night called Indie Cine Shack, as part of the wide-ranging Songbird Festival (the night also features live music after the screening.) Judging by the first Shack, Denning is also very good at this end of film artistry — the evening was filled with the kind of films usually found singly, as the gems in a normal local film night.

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