Interview: R. Zamora Linmark at the Honolulu Weekly

From Honolulu Weekly:

Did you have fun writing Leche? There’s a sense of fun in it.


Do you disagree?

There has to be pleasure and passion, but did I have fun? Not if it has to take me 12 years to write. It was grueling because the more I went into the history of Vince [the main character], the more research I had to do. And even when we were done editing the manuscript last fall, I was still rewriting and adding sections.

Why did it take so long to write Leche after Rolling the R’s?

Leche. [He laughs after using it as a curse word.] I didn’t want to write another Rolling the R’s. It’s easy to fall in that formulaic pit. I was writing against [it] even though I consider Leche a sequel. The challenge of producing another novel that has the same kind of originality… That took a while.

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